Brexit 2019: What Will Happen After

If you’re keeping track of the political happenings in Europe, you’re probably wondering what will happen to Great Britain after Brexit. It seems that no one has a simple answer to that question. After all, it’s the first time something like this is happening within the context of the European Union, and many things are still uncertain. Here are some speculations on what will happen during and after 2019.

First of all, it seems that the process of cutting ties with the European Union has been delayed. It’s all thanks to Theresa May, who was one of the main people responsible for the latest negotiations. Before it leaves the EU, Great Britain will first start a two-year process of transition. During those two years, the country will be working on reestablishing its complete independence, but will remain an active member of the Union. As a result, Brexit won’t be realized for at least two more years, or until 2019.

But what will happen to Great Britain after the transition period has ended? There are countless different questions related to this, but one of the most important ones concerns the immigrant issue. After all, the UK has been receiving people from other European countries for quite some time. While their status had been relatively stable right until the referendum, the situation got really chaotic after Brexit. For now, it seems that EU citizens who have lived in the UK for more than five years will be able to retain their rights. The rest will have to reapply for citizenship, which means that a lot of the current residents of Great Britain will have to move.

While the government is trying to keep the situation as calm as possible, the latest events are far from reassuring. Some of the biggest problems concern hiring policies. Namely, businesses can no longer choose their employees based solely on their qualifications. They also need to take into consideration the future status of their applicants, which will cause unnecessary complications in Great Britain’s economy.