Is Angela Merkel a Good Leader

Germany is one of the most influential European countries, which is why it’s of a great importance that it’s lead by good politicians. When it comes to German leadership, the Chancellor is among the highest positions. This position is still being held by Angela Merkel. What follows should give you a better understanding of how good she is at what she does.

Angela Merkel exceeds at almost everything she does. When the Berlin wall got tore down, she was already politically active. It didn’t take her long to rise to the rank of a minister in the German government. She got involved with the Christian Democrat Party and eventually became the first woman to be named the Federal Chancellor of Germany. That happened in 2005, and she has been serving as the Chancellor ever since. Nowadays, most experts list her among the world’s most powerful women. But what has she done for the betterment of the German people?

As the Chancellor, Angela Merkel faced some pretty difficult challenges. During her three consecutive terms, Germany experienced a financial crisis, a refugee crisis, Brexit and the Greek debt crisis. When it comes to immigrants, her contribution was a positive one. She was even awarded the Charlemagne Prize, which was given to her for her role in solving the Eurozone crisis. She helped Germany find the best solution for the Greek debt crisis, and people in general believe she was one of the few people who have made Germany a better place to live.

Of course, not everyone agrees on this. During the last refugee crisis, she came out with certain controversial views on the issue at hand. This resulted in a decline in the number of her supporters. However, this was the only decline in popularity Angela Merkel has ever experienced. Considering all this, it could be said that she is a good leader who has had to weather through some extremely tough times.