5 Shocking Facts You Don’t Know, and Politicians Don’t Want You to Know

Ever thought about how dependent we all are on mass media? The fact is that we have a pretty hard time finding out what they don’t tell us. And when a politician doesn’t want something to be revealed, it usually remains a secret. Until someone in the media gets their hands on it and decides to take the risk of blowing their cover. Here are five facts you probably don’t know because they don’t want you to know them!

The US got a lot richer since the recession

Since the recession ended, American wealth increased by $34 trillion. That’s a whole lot of money, even for such a big country. But you won’t hear anyone talking about it, since it won’t be the average person that’s going to get any of it.

There are eight Americans who make more money than 3.6 million average people combined

Some facts about the American society are downright depressing. For instance, the amount of money earned by 3.6 million individuals on minimum wage is equal to the amount earned by only eight rich American citizens.

The media speaks for the minority

When it comes to the press, it seems that they only speak for around 5% of the American population. And guess what, it’s the richest 5% that’s being included, not the poorest. It goes so far that some journals can’t even see what could be so bad about recession.

The news get dumbed down for their viewers

In 2009, the European Journal of Communication conducted a survey, the purpose of which was to compare how much people of different nationalities know about international affairs. Americans were at the very bottom, because their TV news are regularly dumbed down.

There are no self-made men

America is not the country where you can make it by pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. To the contrary, the American self-made man is actually a privileged white male. Research shows that most news executives are baby boomers who owe a lot of money to society.